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May 2019 is Historic Preservation Month.

Congratulations to the Sirica Family who just received on May 16, the Historic Preservation Award  by the Sanford Historic Trust, for the incredible dedication they have put into the preservation and restoration efforts of the Old Jailhouse.


Check Out the "After Renovation" Video

Check out the featured video by David Martin on Fox 35 news, three months ago in February 2019!

Check out the "Before" Video

Check out this video featured on Wesh News three years ago!

The Old Jailhouse - Building History

Before sidewalk enhancements

The Sirica family


The Sirica family would like to welcome you to "The Old Jailhouse" in Sanford.

We are a restaurant where tradition lives through three generations of restaurant ownership.

 Through the historically inspired atmosphere,  our passion for food and fun dates back to the 1980's when our family opened its first bakery and deli in Orlando.

We have been serving the Central Florida area ever since.

We hope you enjoy your time served at "The Old Jailhouse"!


Blacksmith & Wagon Shop (ca. 1890 – ca. 1895)

- The building was constructed ca. 1890 by William J. Hill, the first building supply operator in Sanford.

- The building is part of the city’s original downtown commercial district.

- The building originally housed a blacksmith and wagon shop. No records have been found to determine the name of the business. 



E.E. Brady Livery Feed and Sales Stables (ca. 1910 – ca. 1914)

 - From ca. 1910 through ca. 1914 the building was home to the “E.E. Brady Livery Feed and Sales Stables”. As an early celery grower and businessman, - Mr. Brady was a prominent figure in Sanford’s history.
- “E.E. Brady Livery Feed and Sales Stables” offered horses, buggies, and mule teams for hire (think of this as the equivalent of a modern-day rental car agency).

County Jail


Seminole County Jail (ca. 1914 – 1959)

 - Seminole County was created on April 25, 1913 by the Florida Legislature, and was named for the native Seminole tribe, who historically lived throughout the area.
- In 1914, the recently created Seminole County acquired the building and converted it for use as a jail. At this time, the prior storefront was enclosed with brick, containing a single entry door with transom, flanked by arched top double hung windows and iron jail bars.
- The Seminole County Jail functioned at the location until 1959.
- The original prison cell block door and prison ledger book are on display at the Museum of Seminole County History.


Seminole County Health Department, Sanford Dry Cleaners, and Vacant (ca. 1959 – 2018)

 - The building became home to the Seminole County Health Department, and was purchased by the Sanford Dry Cleaners.
- The building sat vacant for several decades after the dry cleaners vacated.
- The site was purchased in 2017 and has been rehabilitated to highlight the building’s period of significance from ca. 1914 – 1959.

Opening Night February 12 2019


-  The building is brick with a decorative cornice that had been covered for decades.
- The original brickwork had been covered with metal lath and stucco (date unknown).
-  Photographic evidence reflects that the covering of the brick may have been done sometime between the mid-1970s to mid-1980s.
- The building contains historical architectural details, including brick archways over windows and doors, wood double hung windows, jail bars in windows, original entry door and transom on the west façade (facing Palmetto Avenue), and original jail bars in window openings on the original building’s exterior south wall (now the wall in the piazza area).
- A painted advertising mural exists on the north wall. Note that this mural helps to confirm the age of the adjacent building (the Old Firehouse), to have been constructed prior to 1890, and more likely sometime around 1886-1887.